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create your own fitness mantra

We welcome you to join us and start creating your own fitness mantra, your way to stay fit and healthy.

Fitness Community

The community is one of its kind and the reason behind this is culture and ecosystem that we are building which presents you a platform where you get knowledge, tips, awareness, exercises, new techniques,etc. about fitness. We are organizing corporate cricket series which will help them to energize and stay fit. The series consist of corporate team matches, family time, entertainment, activities and much more.

Corporate Cricket Series

Corporate Networking

The series organised for corporate to take step towards fitness and healthy lifestyle. The platform where you get excess to expand your networks as all the corp-orates comes under one roof, either from public or private sector and give opportunities to start-ups as well.

Fitness Awareness

Being healthy means not only away from diseases, but it means the complete feeling of physical, mental and social well being. In corporate world, our busy schedule make it impossible to look after ourselves. We provide a platform where you get peace, and comes out of their hectic schedule, to enjoy your weekends and make yourself fit.

Family Entertainment

Family, the most important and valuable to anyone’s life. But somewhere, we end up giving them no time because of our busy routine. Money is important but spending time with the family is more. Program offers you to spend good quality time with your family. There will be many fun loving activities and amazing entertainment for the engagement of your better half and children.

My India Fit India

“work harder but don’t compromise on your health. Staying fit will energize you and, improvise your work habits” Ayush Aggarwal

“Fitness is essential for your body, giving one hour to this will help in good blood flow and keep your body active throughout the day” Ashutosh Sharma




Fitness Hub

Make your videos related related to fitness exercises and tips, or any sports and share us by using the #MyIndiafitIndia

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